It's such a delight when a fiber event is so well run, communications are outstanding, attendance is way up, and attendees are running around having a great time. 

And, that was this past week's event.

Tired as all get out, yes, because of the long drive. But, it was a gorgeous setting, tons of talent everywhere, many of my long established friends were present as were tons of new ones.

It was held on Millersville University campus in Millersville, PA a little "ville" just outside of Lancaster, PA. So much wonderful architecture, beautiful rolling hills with pristine farmlands everywhere, it was wonderful. 

Since the market times were rather late, I discovered a food truck outside the dorm I was staying in and it was the best way to meet young people - through their stomachs...and I did purchase meals for a few of them with no money - I remember how that was. I met with many young high schoolers attending football camp, and on campus students studying to hopefully change the world for the better that we live in. 

It made me yearn to get back into teaching on campus again...because there is nothing more enlightening then young minds forming how they are going to take on life. Will they be open and accepting to everything coming their way? Will they follow their chosen path or take a sudden detour when something they never considered comes their way? My suitemate was concerned something had happened to me, as I was coming back to the room around 1-2a.m. each night having a blast talking to the young people learning all about them.

A few months back I had stopped into where I used to teach for another matter and was asked to come's so tempting when I am around that age group...but not right now.