One of the best ways for me to realize I need to get back to the dyeing is to review all the gradients I have photos of and are long gone to their new homes. As many are finding out, I rarely repeat colors anymore unless it's a display piece. 

Some are confused by this statement (I will not repeat the confused statements for brevity), simply put - I am an artist first, which means I like to create new - just like you wish to always buy new. I would have killed myself working in a factory setting, so to do similar with my work - repeat over and over is not creating either. Perhaps I should do like Randall Darwell did - he loved creating the colors on the warps, and warping the looms - his strong points and what fed his soul, then had someone else weave off his initial work. Him discovering his true calling didn't happen overnight - it took years to realize what spoke to him. I am doing similar with my work, and it makes me happy to see you take it to the next step.

I knew when I came full circle in my work however, it's taken another ten + years to truly get to that point of making it happen. 

The number one reason why you want to use my creations - you don't see yourself coming and going, you are truly creating a unique one of a kind garment from my offerings. 

As to gradients, I will create something similar, but due to the massive layering of colors especially in gradients, it's impossible to repeat. The shorter offerings are about 30 layers applied and the longer they go - it can go up to 50 layers - the more slight variations. Those who ask why the price, there are two steps that take massive time - creating the blank by hand which can be up to 15' long and applying color. At a recent was a little comical event when someone started out with "I am not trying to steal your ideas do you do this?" And I told her the could she appreciate my work without understanding what goes into it? Just a little inspiration from one of my clients, Ellen Leigh at Fiber Expo - Fall 2017, held in Saline (S of Ann Arbor). It is absolutely stunning work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.