It is an extra busy time of year for everyone. Holidays, travel, visitors, visiting, planning, purchasing, deadlines for finishing gifts...and so I think the website is all set!

It's a fairly new service by Etsy, I call it an "overlay" since the Etsy interphase for check out is the same. However, with websites going to "mobile optimized" there is a disconnect between today's coders and old duffers like me. Their mantra "well it is suppose to work", the mantra of old duffers "work on it until it works". As I went through trying to find one of the many templates they offer to consistently work, what I "see" on the template side is not what is shown online. And so I have massive instructional emails to them, explaining what they need to change. Somedays, the old duffer role is simply old!

I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you. It's not deliberate, and at this point, I am unable to access the code. So, if you see a page that is filled with products you have to massively scroll thru, kindly scroll to the top and change your view from "shop all" over to selecting categories. My deepest, humblest apologies.