As I plan to do my final packing before hitting the road, I am reminded of one of my favorite songs from Peter Paul and Mary that I also listen to on the road. 

Pandora is my friend as I travel long distances, listening to folk music for the most part, calming after the craziness of many of the other drivers. 

When I went to pick up Louie where I was boarding him while up at Estes Park elevation, I discovered "Sprouts" here in Loveland...and the place is addicting. I will stop on my way out of town tomorrow, to pick up more organic veggie trays and hopefully they will have more of the big gigantic blueberries I have been enjoying. 

After I return from an errand in Loveland I will continue uploading to the shop and packing up for the long haul.

Louie and I will be hitting the road in the morning.